I'm at my wits end. I installed Activesync 4.5 to sync my new i760 on my Dell XPS 410. The installation proceeds and finishes normally, but afterwards the program won't open. When I attach the 760, the system tray icon shows it's connected but I still can't open Activesync.

I tried installing Activesync on another home computer and it opens fine, so there's a problem with something on this XPS. I tried opening it in Safe Mode and it works, so there's some conflicting .dll that loads in normal mode and prevents Activesync from loading.

I tried uninstalling it then re-installing it in Safe mode but safe mode won't allow program installations for some reason.

I'm about out of options and will probably have to return my 760 (I have Outlook 2007 only so an earlier version of Activesync is not an option). Microsoft wants $269 up front for tech support- and I'm afraid they'll tell me it's a Dell problem for all that $$. If anyone has any ideas I'd be very grateful for the help.