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    Device will not wake up...

    Ok, so I've had this device for close to a month now. There are a few of us IT guys who are evaluating this bad boy. Well, I have had several instances of the device "locking up." I will slide open the keyboard or hit the power button and it won't turn on.

    Well, I think I've figured out the problem and have been able to replicate it on all 3 of the devices we have.

    If anybody is up for it, try it out yourselves and let me know.

    First off, we are syncing with ExchangeActiveSync 2003 SP2, and the only application I have installed is Live Search.

    Anyway, after the device has been on for a while.. (And by a while I only mean 5 minutes or greater..) Hold the camera button to turn on the camera app. (I have a SD card I have the camera pointing to as well..)

    Once the camera app is open, wait for a few seconds and instead of hitting the 'x' or 'ok' to close the program, hit the Power Button to turn off the phone, leaving the camera app on...

    After about 5 seconds, slide open the phone or hit the power button to turn it back on.

    Does it turn back on? None of our devices do under those steps. We have to remove the battery or poke the reset hole.

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    Sounds like a DSOD (Dark screen of death), a Windows Mobile specialty. If you go to the XV6700/PPC6700 forum and search for "DSOD", you'll find a ton of posts.

    I was considering getting this phone. But your post confirms my fears that the i760 suffers from the same pathetic software flaws the 6700 did, so I'll definitely stay away from it (or any other Windows Mobile device).

    (As for the DSOD: Basically, it seems to be a problem with the phone not waking up properly. One primary reason has been found to be the SD card - the system wants to access it but the SD subsystem hasn't been powered up yet). I wrote a post about a "collection of things to do to avoid a DSOD". But bottom line is - you can't really avoid it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EboMike View Post
    .....But bottom line is - you can't really avoid it.
    Well, in this case you can avoid it by closing out of the camera app before shutting off the device... but yeah, it bugs me a little...

    Has anybody with the device tried it out?

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