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    Stream Your Media using MyCast.orb.com?

    I was just watching a video on cnet, where they were using mycast.orb.com to stream media (videos, pictures and music) from a PC to a TV using a wii. In the video, they said that you can use mycast.orb.com to also stream to a mobile device.

    Question has anybody tried to use this service yet and if so... how do it work?


    Again, the website is Orb

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    I use it and it works great. The only thing I don't love is that if you try to jump ahead in a video it seems to make the stream stop and I have to hit play a few times before it reconnects and starts to stream again. And when I stream to my Wii, there is a progress bar in the video player but I can't seem to click it and jump ahead in the movie. But I don't stream to my Wii often and that doesn't really relate to the i760...=)

    Give it a try...it's free and it really works. I've streamed videos of my home WiFi as well as VZ network and both play wonderfully!

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    Orb works great if you have the media already on your computer. I downloaded the program back when I first got my 6700 and it worked great even on that phone. I would say it's a "GO". You can stream your music library, photo's (tho I don't know why you would want to), and you movies.

    Good: stream quality is great, works on any computer or phone, just goto the website and login
    Bad: you have to leave your home PC on

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    I would have to add to the praise for the orb program. I purchased an external cable converter for my computer and I used to watch tv all over the place on my phone. Worked wonderfully.
    It is kind of fun to try the impossible.

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