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    MicroSD Question

    Hello All,

    Is anybody aware of performance differences between MicroSD manafucaturers or models from the same manufacturer? The reason I asked is because Best Buy had a sale (ends today) for 2GB microSD cards from PNY for $25 (and two for $40).

    I looked on the CNET and actually PNY has two different models of microSC Cards. The one that I bought is the P-SDU2G-RF3. The other one that PNY also sells is P-SDU2G-RFS. On the internet the P-SDU2G-RFS is more expensive so I'm wondering if there is some performance / command difference.

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    read/write speeds will vary by make/model. obviously faster speeds will be more expensive. I dont know about the two models you are looking at but a quick google search will probably give you some answers.

    As for brand performance, there can be big differences in stability and general performance between the bargain/bulk items vs. the name brands. Best bet is to do a little research on the off brands or play it safe with name brands. Often the amount you could save by going with off brands is minimal so I stick with name brand memory.

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