Is anyone successfully using Directory Assistance version 1.03, from Trianglepowers? I have installed it, and while it will sometimes look up a number, once if finds what I am looking for I can't see the phone number, or dial it. Eventually it will return an error message, and need to quit.

I don't have a lot of software installed. I have installed Phone Alarm and Inclose and that Ibox extender that allows for all e-mail messages to be deleted at once, and I think that's about it. So I am wondering if others are running this software without issues?

Also, anyone know of other software that would do essentially the same thing? I want to be able to look up business (and possibly individual) phone numbers without launching a browser and going to a site like or Using something like Live Search is not the answer, as if the business is not in one of their pre-defined categories it won't be found.