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    My Verizon new phone every two years came up. I just got my i760. I've been looking for a convergence device to replace my pda and phone. This site has been very helpful.

    This is it. I looked at getting an i730 off of EBay, but it was 2003SE.

    I was using a Dell Axim x50v after a Axim x5.

    I will miss the screen size and VGA. I expect within two years time, things will be a lot different.

    I'm very happy with this device. Wasn't real sure about ebook reading(Mobipocket), but the smaller screen isn't that terrible.

    I've owned Dell PPC's for over 4 years. First PDA was Handspring Visor. Now it's progeny is the Treo.

    I'm in the process of loading my apps I used on the DELL. Some require upgrades.

    Pocket Informant 2007
    Sprite Backup - upgrade
    EWallet - upgrade
    Pocket Quicken - 2.5
    Spb Pocket Plus - upgrade

    I've used other apps over the years, but the above are my essentials.
    I keep my today screen lean.

    So, this site now will be my primary site for i760 issues.
    I'll still visit Aximsite for software, hardware, Mobile 6 issues.

    The only thing I'm not happy about is the 2gig micro sd limitation. This eliminates this device as a mp3 player. My CD catalog requires at least 4gig.
    8 gig is the sweet spot.
    Switching out micro SD cards is too much of a pain.

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    If you search, I believe there's a thread about a hack to use larger microSD cards.

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    The current limitation is 4GB on the microSD Card if you use the sdhc.dll discussed in this thread...

    4GB microSD HC

    Welcome to the forum. You will find that this is the best forum on the internet for learning about and tweaking your phone. Many of the members have been sharing info for several years beginning with the i600. You will learn to respect that the knowledge of some of the members exceeds that of the phone's manufacturer and certainly Verizon.

    One note to remember is to make sure you search the forum thoroughly for answers to your questions before posting a new thread. We all are eager to answer new user questions; but are not eager to answer the same question over and over again because the inquirer was not willing to take the time to search first.

    i760 (i730 upgrader)

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