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    Not able to send email while on Wifi

    I just spent quite some time on with VZW CS to try to figure out why I could receive emails while on a Wifi connection but not send emails.

    Background to this is that I do not have a data plan on the phone and in fact have a block on data to prevent unpleasant surprises on my bill. I will soon be spending an extended length of time out of the country and don't need a data plan while I am here. If I need to check email, I have found it very easy in this interim before leaving the country, to get access to local wifi spots.

    The problem is that while I can receive emails while connected to wifi, I have been unable to send emails. I have registered for Verizon's outgoing SMTP option and the password has been registered so that isn't the probem - this was verified by the VZW CS rep. Initially the rep told me that the reason I couldn't send emails was because I didn't have a data plan. This seems illogical because I can receive emails without a data plan. After further discussion, the rep told me that even if I was connected to Wifi, when sending email out the phone would default and use a data plan. Again, this seems illogical that I can receive emails on wifi without a data plan but not send emails.

    I asked if the issue could be moved up to 2nd line support and the rep came back on and said she would be connecting me to Samsung, that they needed to help me further.

    Samsung 2nd line support said that they agreed with me, that this was illogical that I could receive but not send when connected to Wifi and their solution was to do a hard reset. I thanked them for their time but declined their offer since I do not see anyway that a hard reset is going to solve this problem, but will only create lots more angst.

    So I present this problem to the forum of experts - any ideas or solutions (other than signing up for a data plan that is)?

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    Is the service provider that your Wifi is hooked up to blocking port 25 traffic that isn't going through their server? It's a pretty common thing now. If you are on a wifi hotspot or AP you aren't going through verizon wireless.

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    I have the same problem at home only, while the wifi at work seems to do just fine. I am going to try to explore the settings to see what the difference is. Both routers are linksys. I called linksys last week and they wanted me to update my firmware then open ports on my router. I did it and it still didn't work.


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    im a real noob when it comes to pdaphones, but know my way around networks and what not
    could it be that your outgoing server isnt configured right, or you havent enabled some minor options like secure smtp login?
    sorry if this didnt help just thought i would throw in my 2 cents

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