First off, I want to thank you guys in advance for all the help you're going to provide me. As it is, even before I got the i760 I found this forum very useful in helping make the decision to dump my Treo for this upgrade...and after a day of usage, I'm extremely happy.

So, here's my situation, and please don't flame me because I couldn't locate the info via the search...I tried that...and if there is a forum thread somewhere, please point it out...

So here goes:

I own the Bluetake iPhono BT420EX stereo headset. Mind you, I bought these 2 or 3 years ago when they first came out because I was looking for a good bluetooth option.

I'm trying to stream music (A2DP?) which supposedly the i760 running windows mobile 6 supports. However, I'm not having any luck doing this.

Here is what I have done:
1) I pair the headset (recognized as the i_Phono[1437]) with the phone
2) When this happens, I get 2 options listed (Active sync, Handsfree).
3) I check both of them and close out of the Bluetooth connection manager

Now, I figured there was something else I have to turn on, but I don't know what else (open a com port? go to another application?). When I start playing music in Windows Media player, the sound plays through the phone speaker...not the headset.

I know this can't be very complicated, but I can't seem to nail this one. So please help!

Has anyone had ANY success streaming music to a bluetooth headset like the iPhono?