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    Question Company Calendar Subscription / Workaround for Multiple calendars

    Okay, I realize this might be more of a M$ / Exchange question than a WM6 question, but with all of MRailing's experience with Exchange Server, I thought about asking the gurus here for some help. Since searching didn't reveal any quick results, I thought I'd post.

    The company I work for runs Exchange server 2003, with a few individuals on Outlook 2003 and a couple on Outlook 2007. My boss has discovered that we can create a shared calendar for the company that everyone can access on their computers. This is all well and good, but the fact that he's suggesting switching everyone over to i760's to keep calendars sync'd doesn't work with Pocket outlook only supporting one calendar. I am trying to get it so that the personal outlook clients can "subscribe" to the company calendar, so that updates automatically track into the personal folders, and thus PDA calendars stay up-to-date without two-way synchronizing personal information into the company calendar.

    I'm also trying to do this all internally on our own server, so I don't have to trust that the Microsoft Internet server will always work.

    We're a small company of about 9 people in three offices, and don't have a dedicated "IT guy", so any help would be appreciated. In the long run, accomplishing the same thing with a company address book / personal address book would be nice too.

    Or, feel free to tell me I'm off topic and there's no way to do this and the post should be deleted.

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    You won't be able to do this without purchasing add-on synchronization software, but something like PocketMirror or Intellisync might make this possible. The concern that I'd have is that both were originally developed for PDA-PC sync, not really PDA-Server sync, so it may not be something you can pull off even with those packages. And if the company doesn't buy the phones, you get the joy of tracking licenses on non-corporate assets and control over that software.

    Might be possible, but it's not going to be accomplished without an add-on.

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    similar sort of problem that I have.

    Small company also- just 4 of us. We have hosted exchange.

    We have probably 2-3 THOUSAND contacts that we share in a public folder that's basically the entire company's business contacts. Then each of us has our private contacts in the personal contacts folder. This way when anyone edits a contact or adds a note to a contact when we interact then everyone can see.

    Right now we're on palm OS devices (700p)- but I'm done with the POS (your choice what I mean but that-LOL) so we're looking at WM devices. I think the i760 is the one but that's not real important.... For now we use good mobile messaging on the palm's (hosted by our hosted exchange provider). It works well actually- it does allow the syncing wirelessly- it syncs all your private stuff and then basically the basic info for the public folders to save you room. THen if you need more info about a public contact you select it and good downloads it to a local cache. I actually like good alot.

    BUT- i have a few issues- Good is not currently supported for the i760. It should be soon with the impending SP1 for the good 5.x software. BUT on top of that my hosted provider still is on the 4.x version of GOOD.

    So then I figured- maybe good is redundant and a WM6 device does all i need directly with exchange. But it seems no joy in mudville because WM wont use public folders.

    So then i read more and it seems MS hates public folders and wants everyone to leave that and do sharepoint? So I read some more and looks like you can do contacts in sharepoint but it sucks becasue you cant use them in outlook really- you can only view but not edit. And to be honest I'm not even sure if WM will let me see sharepoint contact folders.

    Then I read- maybe add all my contacts to the GAL- but that's worthless when edits are needed and also you cant put notes their I think.

    So since I'm going to be messing all around anyway- what in the world does MS expect people to do with shared contacts so they are available EASILY for desktop and mobile users?

    I'm totally lost and dont know what to do.

    I'd like to future proof myself if I can.

    But maybe I should just hurry up and wait for Good and my hosted provider to step up and then use that old solution for the time being.

    Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. I dont have the foggiest what to do...

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