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    Which Network is working?

    Now, what happens if I have both EVDO and WiFI on and connected? How can I choose which pipe does the traffic go through? It's kind of important because right now I don't have Unlimited data, but 10 Megs and Wifi accessible almost everywhere I go. I haven't seen any settings to give priority in any way for traffic.

    I know I can just shut the phone off and do my Wifi browsing, but I still need to be accessible by phone.

    Any ideas, hints tips tricks?

    Thanks in advance

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    Are you aware of what the connection looks like at the top of the screen when connected to EVDO? Generally the EV icon turns gray to tell you its in dormant mode and the icon that has cell towers changes slightly. This will tell you your connected to EVDO. If you just double tap the cell tower icon you can disconnect from EVDO. Then enable wifi and youll be sure its only going out wifi.
    - Andrew - PDAPhoneHome.com

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