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    Verizon VZ Navigator updates

    Was speaking to a Verizon rep in a independent VzW retail store just prior to the online release of the i760. I asked if VZ Navigator had text-to-speech (text to speech). He seemed clueless and called a family member who had been using it. The VZ Navigator user said that it does in fact read street names aloud. Yet, somehow, I'm still not convinced after this testimony.

    Here's a link to current VZ Navigator enabled phones (all)...

    Cell Phones, Smartphones, PDAs and Cell Phone Plans from Verizon Wireless

    The links on the left allow sorting by Brand, PDA/Smartphone, etc.

    The only PDA/Smartphone ones are Blackberries at this time.

    I would like to buy this phone for someone who does NOT want to deal with bluetooth GPS adapters, so I am eager for news on any rollout for the i760...
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    Yes, VZNavigator reads street names. Does a very good job of it too. I would not hold my breath for a VZNavigator version for Pocket PC.


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    Not trying to be snarky or anything, but isn't one of the things that all those phones have in common an integrated GPS chip? Triangulation off the towers is a very inaccurate way to get location, particularly if you're on the move.

    I think the reason that VZNavigator doesn't work on any of their mobile devices is that none of them have GPS embedded...

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    The MSM6500 that is in our phone has built-in "assisted" GPS:
    "gpsOne® position-location hybrid assisted-GPS (A-GPS) solution"

    This is the technology that Qualcomm bought with SnapTrak.. the phone connects to the network, gets a rough idea of where it is and what satellites might be in view, then captures pseudorange data from the GPS satellites and sends it to Verizon to compute the location. Same as used for E911.

    So yeah, our phones have the ability to get a fix now and then, if Verizon permits.

    The Blackberry 8830 (non-Verizon) has an actual honest fully-self-sufficient GPS in it, like a Garmin. We don't have that.

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