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    File transfer slows to a crawl

    I am in the process of transferring a large number of very small files from my hard drive to the storage card on the phone. When it first started, it was moving 2-3 files a second...an acceptable rate. But after a few minutes, it slows to 3 seconds per file, and that is way too slow. The activesync works fine and I am using a cable for the connection. Task Manager on the PC shows very little resources being used, and there are no extra programs running on the pda. Any ideas on what is slowing the transfer?

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    Remove card from phone, put in USB 2.0 card reader, transfer files, put card back in phone.

    I know this sounds snarky, but the USB transfers to most PDAs are so atrociously slow that it really is the best way to get files in & out if there's any type of volume at all.

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