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    Do You Think We Will Ever Get 6GB or 8GB Micro SD Compatibility?

    The largest I have is the 4gb with the hack, and I just can't help, but d will we ever be able to use the larger cards that are out and will be coming out.

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    I also have the 4GB and I doubt we'll be able to use any higher than that but hey I may be wrong

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    I'll take the other side of that iBet. There's a lot of smart people here.

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    2GB is the largest "standard-compliant" SD card.

    4GB is possible if the card lies about its read block length, and this is very common. Strictly speaking, it's a "non compliant card" and SDA wishes they would go away (since they delayed the uptake of SDHC). Many 4GB cards on the shelf are actually SD, and for good reason.

    SDHC allows cards from 4GB to 32GB. FAT32 support is required over 2GB as well.

    So the question is -- does the Samsung have both SD 2.0 / SDHC protocol support for the SD card, as well as FAT32 support for the filesystem?

    Does anyone know if the card is connected to the Samsung processor, or Qualcomm's MSM6500?

    The MSM6500 has only (very slow) 1-bit support for SD/MMC, but does have SDHC protocol support (and FAT32) available for large cards. So if the SD slot is attached to the MSM, then it's possible we could see SDHC support at the same slow speed.

    If it's on the Samsung processor, then it should already have SDHC support, so I'm puzzled.

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