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    Keep your ringtone from playing the whole song?

    Is there a way to keep the ringtone from playing after you've seen a notification. For example when you get a phone call your ringtone plays up until you answer your phone, then the tone stops. My problem is for my other tones such as text, mms, and voicemail. When I get a text my tone starts to play and will not end until the song ends usually about 30 seconds, even though I have read and sometime even replied to the text. While the tone is playing I have tried to push every button on the phone to stop it from playing after i read the text. Is there a secret code of buttons that has to be pressed or is there a setting im missing here. Please help.

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    I just edit the songs to a short clip that I want to repeat for the ringtones. I use default sounds for most everything else, but I'm guessing you could just edit the sound clip/song to a 5 or 10 second clip and it will just play that (don't select the repeat option though).

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    Just hit the rocker volume button down one time- it silences the incoming ringtone.

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