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    getting something extra from verizon for i760 upgrade?

    has anyone purchased the i760 when their contract was up? i have heard that if u indicate your willingness to leave verizon at that point, they will be willing to give u something extra as an incentive to stay. has anyone had such luck?

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    My uncle has Sprint and had the Samsung i600. He called and threatened to cancel and they gave him a free Motorola Q and free data for life. If only Verizon had that much of a deal. If anybody on this forum can't find a way to make Quick2Net work somehow on the i760, I'll try to get free EVDO by threatening to cancel. And if that doesn't work, I'm going to Sprint.
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    I did.

    But it's pretty standard for Verizon. You get $100 for renewal, and another $100 for data. So I got the i760, with $50 mail in rebate, and $200 Verizon rebate.

    i760 price = $149.99

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    Verizon, having the better network by far, is less likely to give you those great deals that sprint has , this is evident by the fact that Verizon doesn't really have a "retention dept" as sprint does ... I've tried them all ... always going where there was a good pda phone (see my signature) ... anyway ... I've come back to Verizon ... like the commercial says .. it's the network ... at least in my area ... yea the data is more ... yea their billing department can't seem to give me the same bill every month ... even though I don't go over minutes and nothing changes ... but ya know what ... I have service everywhere I need it ... unlike the other guys around here .... that's important ... sooooo ... if the other guys have good service in your area ... switch if you can get a better deal ... but be aware ... not all cell providers are created equally ...
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    VZW sent out a flier for an extra $30 off a new phone (or 2400 minutes/2yrs) for renewing. That dropped my total price for the phone to $24.99, including tax. Just call them up and ask.

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    they will not have any deals like the guy described with sprint. and frankly verizon really doesn't have to. their service speaks for itself. same thing in my area and most they are the most reliable

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