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    Thinking about purchasing the i760..

    Hi all,

    I need a smartphone for work, I am currently a Verizon customer and plan on staying with that service.

    I've looked into all the Verizon smartphones and so far I like the i760 (my company doesn't have a BB server, and i'm not a fan of the Treos).

    It seems like the i760 is Verizon's best smartphone? Since Voyager doesn't have WM6, I'm tempted to buy the i760. If anyone could share their Outlook experiences (or gmail) with this phone, that would be great.

    Feel free to post any pros or cons about this phone. So far, everyone seems to like it generally and I'll probably purchase this phone within the week.


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    if you need just a smartphone the Q9m may be your choice but if you need a full PPC then the i760 is great. i use outlook to pop several different accounts gmail being one of them. so far it is great.

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    Thumbs up Convergence device

    I've been waiting and looking for a convergence device to replace my Dell Axim x50v and cell phone.

    After a lot of research the i760 was the best selection I found. I was up for the two year phone replacement. I had considered the i730 off of EBay, but it was Mobile 2003SE. I wanted at least 5.0.

    The i760 is Mobile 6, which is the latest.

    The only compromises I had to make was losing VGA and screen size. Also, only 2gig microSD eliminates the device as an mp3 player. I need at least 16 gig to hold CD collection and other documents.

    i760 is fine as an eBook reader.

    When the two year contract comes up again, I'm sure things will be different.

    Stayed with Verizon since I get a 19% discount on monthly plan. Also includes 25% on accessories.

    So now I'm down to two devices, PDAPhone and mp3 player.

    However, it required some expense on software upgrades. Mainly Sprite Backup. The others I had planned anyway.

    So far I've haven't come across anything on the i760 to get in a twist over.

    Highly recommended.

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    Gmail on my i730 works great. It was REALLY easy to set up, about 10x easier than setting up Gmail on my desktop version of Outlook, which took about 2 hours.
    s a m s u n g s c h - i 7 6 0
    s a m s u n g s c h - i 7 3 0

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    the i760 is not the same as a smartphone

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    I looked at the i760 and ended up moving over to AT&T and buying a TyTN II (which they carry as the Tilt). I wanted the improved international coverage, really wanted the integrated GPS, and liked the additional RAM & ROM on the phone.

    That said, if it hadn't have been on the market, I'd have bought an i760 instead.

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    I had a XV6700 before, had been waiting for the right replacement to come along, and this was it. I've had it for a few weeks and have no regrets or significant issues with it, in fact I like it better than expected. A friend of mine got one too and he is happy also, except for some known issues in switching between two bluetooth headsets easily, which he is willing to live with for now. As for e-mail, if you don't like the built in client and don't mind paying for one, try WebIS Flexmail, I like it a lot better. I believe they have a free trial version.

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