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    Hack to permanently turn off EVDO internet on SCH-i760

    Is there a hack to permanently turn off the EVDO? Verizon is charging somewhere around $45 a month extra for internet which is wayyy to much especially when all I want are the wifi capabilities. But if you opt out on this part of the package and you accidentally walk out of a wifi zone with a browser open, verizon will automatically switch to EVDO and start charging heavily. I would like to just set my phone to not do this but verizon is being lame and not providing an option for it. Any help?

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    Start > Settings > Connections > Connections > Advanced > change first drop down bar to something else such as " My Work Network" then press ok. This should prevent programs from automatically connecting to the verizion data connection.

    You will want to note that sending and receiving MMS requires the data connection, so you will need to switch the setting back everytime you wish to do so.

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    Please try searching this has already been discussed maybe 15 times.

    Call VZW and ask for a data block.

    Try this thread:
    Is there any way to prevent it from connecting to BroadbandAccess
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