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    slow phone performance?? anyone else?

    anyone have problems with a few things on their phone just performing really slow??

    mainly text messages... like say when i open messaging to go view my texts, it takes quite a few seconds to open.

    then when im in the middle of a text using the front number keys, and slide the phone open to use the keyboard, i can type the words and the amount of time it takes for the letters to actually show up on the screen and respond to me pressing them is forever. i can finish a whole sentance before it catches up with what ive typed.

    also just going from a closed phone to sliding it open, or vice versa, the screen takes forever to adjust from one view to the other.

    any way of making things like this faster?

    ive installed quite a bit of programs on the phone just testing them out and ended up deleting a lot of them. Right now the only things currently installed on my phone are

    -PHM registry editor
    -Weather Watcher (installed on the memory card)
    -Screen Capture
    -an Iphone theme
    -Wisbar Advanced 3
    -Wisbar desktop
    -TCPMP media player (installed on the memory card)
    -skunkworks flash video bundle (this one and the TCPMP are used to watch youtube)

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    If you have installed a lot of programs and then deleted them some things may be left over from those programs. I would suggest a hard reset. Then reload all of the programs that you use. This should speed your device up as well clean everything up.

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    I thought Wisbar slowed things down, don't know if that's the cause though. Never noticed that on mine.

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