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    frequent charging bad for battery?

    i usually plug my battery whenever i am next to a charger even after the smallest use.... is this bad for the battery? are there any lingering memory effects?
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    Not only are there no negative memory effects with lithium ion batteries but very recent evidence suggest that frequent charging and topping off actually increase battery life anfpd capacity. Many have been saying this but the recent evidence was very convincing. Don't have a link handy but I think Werner (Menneisyys) covered this in his blog over at [i]Smartphone & Pocket PC[\i] covered this pretty well.

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    Actually, what's really happened is that folks are finally starting to let go of knowledge that applied to a single battery technology (NiCad) that has been applied to every other technology (NiMh, Li Ion, Li Polymer) released after it. The only battery technology with a significant memory effect is NiCad (NiMh can have a memory effect, but it's harder to create and easier to eliminate). Go Googled "NiMh memory" and you'll find articles that go back to 1998 (around when NiMh batteries were first introduced).

    Despite the actual science behind the battery technologies, people continue to ask me about memory affects on my cell phone battery and other devices. And the manufacturers don't particularly help by continuing to spout the "Be sure to completely charge your device before using it" line that they've had in manuals since they used NiCads.

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