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    mp3 versus wav for alarms

    after searching, particularly this thread: Use my own Ring Tone for Text Message??

    i understand that Alarms (in Clocks and Alarms) require wav's (although one guy claimed he was able to get an mp3 recognized by converting the wav back to an mp3 or something). . Does anyone have a suggestion on how to make a wav smaller? i can lower the bitrate for mp3s in Audacity, but no similar luck with wav's.) Any suggestions?
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    Wav files are uncompressed by nature, so you should not be able to make them smaller without making them shorter (I think).

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    I have had the same alarm .mp3 that I made my self for quite a while on my phones and I also put it on my i760. Had no problem with recognizing it. I just dropped the mp3 into the windows folder and when I need to set the alarm it shows up and goes off when I have it set.

    Hope this helps.
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