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    Lost access to data on storage card

    Hi there, I have a mild to moderately large problem.
    Today I lost access to the data on th storage card that is in the phone.
    I did not remove it or do anything with it, one moment it was on and working, then the next time I woke the phone up from sleep and tried to run a program on the card it didn't run, so i checked and it said the card had no data on it. However, when i go to memory I can see that there is 102 MB used of the 1.8 gb available...so the data is still there, the phone can't read it.
    So, I put the card into my computers card reader....no joy...still can't read the data but recognizes that it exists....
    Any advice or help out there?

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    If your PC can't read it either then it sounds like you've either got a faulty card or the data has been corrupted.

    A simple (but not definitive) test would be to try putting some new data on the card from the PC and see if that data is accessible. If so, odds are that your data is corrupt.

    You could try one of the many Flash Media Data Recovery Tools out there and might salvage something. Several of my higher end SanDisk cards came with such a utility, I'm sure it can be downloaded from the SanDisk support site.

    There may be a better answer, but that's all I've got.

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    thanks for the input, I've been able to put data back onto the card without trouble
    when I did this, It found some of the data that was on there previously but not any of the applications, only zipped files and .cab files
    Quite weird...
    I'lll try the sandisk recovery program

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