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    Anyone hear of random beeps related to Battery?

    I recently gave my i760 a full overnight charge on the extended life battery.. woke up the next morning to the phone beeping every 5 minutes or so with 5 quick beeps. Tried shutting down and restarting phone and heard the beeps at restart of phone... tried restarting again and sure enough heard them yet again and continuosly every few minutes after being left on...

    I threw in the main battery which had about 70% charge... Beeps gone. From startup to staying on.. beeps vanished..

    What happened???? :mikey:

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    Not charge?

    It sounds like your battery never got charged. Mine beeps like that when the battery is low. Maybe the outlet was not hot or it wasn't plugged in all the way (either to the wall or the phone).

    Data Rox

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