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    few basic q's im sure

    so ive been messing around with some of the programs here that ppl have suggested but to no avail and realized that i dont need anything super fancy...i just want something that can edit themes and change the way my clock/date look on screen. ive been reading all over and everyone seems really knowledgeable but im new to the pcc dealio. so i dont know how to actually do anything. if anyong has a program that they use that isnt full fledged surgery to do either of those id very much appriciate it.

    * I have microsoft them generator 2002 but that is too basic haha...and it doesnt tell how to change the color of the top and botton bars which is lame

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    There isn't much as far as changing the date and time that is part of the default Today screen, but you can replace it with other software that has a Today plugin. SPB Time gives you a Clock/Date replacement for your Today screen....

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    KameWare makes a real nice theme generator .. very easy to use
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