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    Problem with Email Connection

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here...
    I just got i760 2days ago and spent about 2 straight days to fix this problem.

    I registed with wireless sync and getting my emails (outlook) to my phone. Incoming mails are fine however I CANNOT REPLY. When I reply instead of going under sent item folder it goes to outbox folder. I using my Gmail account. When I hit send button, it goes, connecting....syncronizing....error syncoronizing.

    When I creat a new email to send, it sends out to the reciepient but i get the same messages, connecting, syncronizing, error syncronizing. No mail in the sent items folder.

    Verizon, samsung customer cant help either....

    Can someone please help me?
    Thank you

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    Are you using wireless sync to get your gmail or did you set up pop/imap for your gmail? If you went the pop/imap route, which one? Are you syncing over evdo or wifi?

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