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    Device sleeps during calls - issues pressing keypad buttons??

    Anyone else seen this behavior?

    I have noticed a problem that is particularly bad when I receive calls. The screen will darken after a few seconds which is normal for a smartphone.. but I've noticed that if I am sending or receiving a call that requires me to press a number (such as a automated attendant) that it takes several seconds for the keypress to register.. the screen has to light up again. Sometimes this causes me to timeout on the prompt. I know I can adjust the screen timeout but I don't want to have to keep the screen on all the time.

    The problem worsens when I have to press '1'. For instance, all of my calls from work are forwarded to my phone with call screening, and I have to press '1' to accept the call. When I do so and the screen is dark, the phone acts like I held one down and it decides to place the caller on hold and brings me to voicemail. Quite irritating.

    The way I have to go around this is I have to press the power button to light the screen up, and then press '1'.

    I can add this one to the pile of "quirks" this device has. So far, can't sync with WMDC worth a darn; unit tends to hang for up to 30 seconds intermittantly, usually when I try to answer a call or press the Start button on the side.

    And yes, I have done a hard reset and I have only a scarce few things installed (pocketputty, remote desktop, windows live search)

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    Your problem is what has been described in this thread:

    Voice Mail commands trigger speed dial after power save mode (BUG?)

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    Thanks, JDCJ, for pointing Ender519 to the existing thread. I'm going to go ahead and close this one.
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