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    Anoying! - Auto Volume to zero

    Somehow the phone gets it's volume to 0, resulting in loosing calls because I can't hear the phone ringing. Obviously I didn't put it on mute on purpose.

    Why is this happening? Me being clumsy? But still, I should be able to see the Volume dialog when I do that, right? haven't seen it. It happened three times now and I need to fix this or to be careful on something special?

    I'm new to this phone, coming from treo 650 where the mute button was a hardware switch. Thanx

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    It happens to me also. When I switch from meeting mode to home mode in PhoneAlarm the ringer volume does not go back to 100% from mute. Sometimes, when I soft reset the ringer volume comes back to mute. I keep an eye on it; so I haven't missed any calls that I know of. But, you're right, it is annoying.

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    I wouldn't say being clumsy, but this happens to me regularly when I have my phone on vibrate, sometimes I will inadvertently hit the down volume rocker and will turn the volume off without my realizing it (until I see that I have unexpectedly missed calls).

    One solution (if that is the problem you're having): you can remap the volume rocker with AE Button Plus. It is pretty handy.

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