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    Red face Sorry...nevermind...I'm an idiot...I'm one the i730, not i760 duh.

    Please disregard this post. I'll move to the right forum. duh

    I'm sorry I'm getting to this rather late it seems, but I only use tethering rarely...and of course when I do...I really need it...

    I setup my phone as per the original instructions to get tethering to work...with the radio stack downgrade etc...and it worked fine. I have since swapped PCs and reinstalled the Modem software on my comp, but tethering isn't working.

    I'm just trying to figure out if I just need to retrace my steps or if Verizon changed something recently to stop this access...

    I haven't updated my phone since the last big update a year ago. I have the old radio stack, I have the samsung drivers, I have the phone in USB mode, the PC sees the modem, I dial out with my #777, and I'm not connecting.

    thanks again,

    btw, I did search, but i didn't understand what I was reading.
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