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    Is the i760 Better Than the Treo 700wx?

    I hope it's ok to ask this question here. If not, mods please move it.

    Now that a new phone is in my near future, I can't seem to decide between the i760 and the 700wx. Coming from the i730, I'm use to one handed operation and really like the keyboard of the i730/700wx. However, the concept behind the i760 looks promising. I'm also aware that the i760 comes with WM6 which I'm sure offers some improvements. So I'm still on the fence.

    My biggest concern is stability and one handed operation. I don't load many software apps but need Google Maps and I like the new Opera Mini Java Browser. Also need TCPMP to play voicemails emailed to me from my office, and pdanet for tethering. Oh, and voice dialing, and solid bluetooth capabilities, and enough memory for +1000 contacts, 6 month calender, possibly +100 notes, and did I mention stability? Opps, forgot to mention streaming radio every day and bluetooth stereo headphones capability would be nice (does the Treo have that?). Oh, and I read a lot on the phone too, internet, pdf, ereader, whatever. Lack of Wifi on the Treo is not a deal breaker for me as I have the data plan and only use the wifi as a hotspot finder.

    I like the fact that Palm keeps updating the Treo Series. The 700wx should be rock solid by now. And, although the screen is smaller, I do like the design.

    Will the Operamini browser work on the Treo?

    Will there be an upgrade to WM6 for the Treo?

    Is there any reason I should choose the i760 over the Treo?

    Anybody know when the i760 will be in stock again?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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    I don't understand post's like this: "Which phone is better". Which phone is "better" or worse" is going to be different for everyone. Which is better is in the eye of the beholder. Enough preaching.

    I had the VZW Treo 700WX and have happily moved on to the Sammy i760. they are 2 similar yet different WM devices. the WX win's hands down for 1 handed operation...but that's it. The i760 win's for phone clarity/operation, stability, overall ease of use, SIZE/WEIGHT and looks. I do not regret at all my decision to move from the WX to the i760. P.S. if you search this forum, you find some comparisons between the 2 phones. Good luck.
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    BTW, if the voicemails are WAV files, you don't need TCPMP. The i760 handles Vonage voicemail files natively.

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    I have used a WX for over a year and it's a good machine; a great machine compared to the W. Having said that, I have happily moved on to the i760. Not the greatest for 1 handed operation but it works great with BT and VC for no hand operation. I use a Plantronics Voyager 855 for stereo BT for music and calls and rarely if ever have to take my phone out of the holster using VC for everything. Try'em both if you're with Verizon; 30day MBG.

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    bluetooth 2.0 vs. 1.2 alone is worth the jump to me. its been outstanding!

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    Voice Dialing over BT. Treo 700w/wx doesn't have it. Never will.

    Dumped my T700 and haven't looked back.
    Treo is definitely better, one handed.

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    I had the WX for a year. Switched to the i760 three months ago and I am glad I did.

    Voice dialing over bluetooth

    Bluetooth stays connected

    Reset button easy to get to.

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