I recently (2 weeks) purchased the Moto S705 from a VZW store for ~$75 with tax. So far they are my favorite BT headset.

I swapped out the Moto earbuds, the sound was not too bad but the fit was less than comfortable, for the more comfortable and better sounding Sony MDX-EX71 buds.

The sound is great but there is a slight hiss, with either set of earbuds, if the volumes are not set right. Once adjusted they are great.

-- Easy pairring and reconnecting, even with multiple BT items paired.
-- Good sound with Moto earbuds, better sound with better buds
-- The controls work nicely with Windows Media Player.
-- FM radio built in so if you don't have your BT player you can listen to something
-- Good battery life
-- Good microphone reception with reports of good sound/voice quality from callers
-- Displays number portion Caller ID on built-in display
-- Small but easy to read LCD (blue with black text)
-- Choice of lanyard or belt clip for ease of carry/use
-- 2 buttons and 5-way directional/toggle stick

-- still have wires from unit to earbuds and added tangle potential if you use the lanyard
-- so far only numbers have displayed for the caller-id
-- small display
-- does not stream song info on the display

I have but no longer use Moto HT820 and Moto S9. IMO, the S705 is better than both of the other headsets.

I hope this is somewhat helpful or interesting for anyone looking for a good set of BT headphones.