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    Solid signal, but can't make a call. Phone or tower?

    I've noticed at work that my i760 will have a solid signal (staying steady at 3 or 4 bars), but when I try to place a call it will hang on "Dialing" for a very long time. Eventually it might connect, but usually not. Usually I have to end the call attempt and try again a few more times. This is consistent...it happens a lot, over many days. I'm close to the windows, and it's not a big high-rise building (although I'm sure there's plenty of steel). I don't know where Verizon's nearby tower is though. I updated the PRL when I first got the phone 2 weeks ago. I just tried updating it again and we'll see what happens tomorrow, but I don't think it pulled a newer version then I had from a few weeks back.

    I've changed two variables here...both from Sprint to Verizon and from the Palm Treo 650 to the i760. Which is likely to be to blame? Could it be a phone issue? Or an issue with the specific tower in my area? Or is it just that I'm physically in a bad spot? If the phone was actually showing poor signal, I'd understand. What seems odd to me is the fact that the signal reads strong and I still can't make calls. That seems like it might be a phone or tower problem and not just the physics of things. Thoughts?


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    I don't know if this would pertain to you or not, but a couple months ago a construction crew cut a main fiber optics line that VZW uses in Montana. Everyones cell phone in town showed good service but was unable to connect because of this. I would occasionally receive text messages but could not call out. Took them two days to get it fixed. I'd call them and see if it there is a similar issue in your area.

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