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    TouchPal Download still free

    I just downloaded this program from:

    Welcome to CooTek - TouchPal, an innovative soft keyboard

    It is still free for at least until 12/8.

    It provides a touch pad layout for entering text and numbers. Some say it is iPhone like. Useful on the front screen for entering text messages. It does take some getting use to how the interface works. I found it to be very sensitive. There's a video on the website.

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    do you have to physically load it every time you want to use it or can you set it to come up every time you send a text message in the vertical layout?

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    you can choose it to open in place of. however it is not a very easy substitute to use. i would much rather open the slider or use the stylus instead of playing around with this. its a great idea but it has a long way to go before it is truly useful.

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