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    HTC touch on vzw network

    i currently have an i760 but dont really use the keyboard as much as i would have thought. Recently i heard the vzw will be opening up their network to any cdma phone that operates at the same frequency. So would this include the htc touch? or what wm6 phones would this include?

    i really like the touch and its smaller size.

    also, if this i true, would anyone like to purchase a less than a month old i760 with a screen protector on it from day one? perfect condition, nothing wrong with it. I just dont need all that it has to offer.


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    Each device will vary so it's unsure as to whether it won't or not...but even if it is, they aren't opening up the network for at least another year.

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    by the end of 2008 is what current reports say, so you might want to hold onto that i760 for a while.

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    I met an HTC Business rep a couple of months ago and he stated that VZW should have the Touch by Spring 2008. I posted this info in the Touch forum and another gentleman responded saying that it should be there by Jan/Feb.

    This same rep also told me that the 6800 was supposed to be released on Black Friday, but that didn't happen.

    Take it for what it's worth.

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