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    Question WM Player loses place on 4 Gb SDHC card

    I have an annoying problem of listening to part of a podcast on Windows Media Player and coming back to find that the Library is set to the device.

    It does not keep track of where I am in the MP3 file.

    I keep my MP3 files on the 4 Gb SDHC card using the SDHC.cab hack from mrailing

    I am listening by bluetooth to an adapter to my car stereo, so perhaps it is related to the known problems of bluetooth?

    If I have a long drive, I can listen to a complete podcast. If I stop, I usually have to locate the file on the card again and fast-forward to the place I left off.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Is it related to the 4 Gb card, the bluetooth or problem with Window Media Player? If the last, does another media player keep track of the place on the card better?

    Thanks in advance.

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    This is a problem with WMP, I have been listening to audiobooks for years and WMP does not retain position and does not have the use of bookmarks, you will need to look at other software. I have been looking at software and pocketplayer does what you want but I have had a few issues with it. Pocketmusic also works but I can not get Pocketmusic to allow my BT headset to control the functions such as pause. I am not the great expert but search all forums on pdaphonehome and you will get additional information.

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