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    Is it Me or Does it Seem like Transflash Cards are WAY Faster Than MiniSD?

    I use to have an xv6700 and had minisd and anytime I had to transfer stuff onto the card using a reader or tethered it took forever, whereas the 4gb transflash microsd card seems to transfer much faster.

    Does the microsd cards have a faster transfer rate than minisd?

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    They are identical, only the form factor is different.

    However, not all cards are designed the same. There are fast and slow MicroSD cards, and fewer MiniSD cards to choose from.

    Moreover, since MiniSD has fallen out of favor, the newer (faster) cards tend to be in the MicroSD form factor. You can get Class6 MicroSD cards, for example.

    It's also quite likely that there are differences in USB performance between both phones, and this probably has more impact than even card speed.

    It's a long twisted path between your PC and the card. To compare apples-to-apples, you have to benchmark the cards in an external USB2 or Firewire card reader.

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