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    I need alot of help with this, cant find a solution

    I have the i500, since they killed off blazer i cannot download anything from a text. For example, when i send a pic through the focus uploader at sprint users.com i cant launch the link because it automatically starts blazer which errors out. I would like to know of a solution for making webpro my default so i can launch it from the message or any other solution would be great thanks.

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    It appears Sprint has left us (i500 users) high and dry on this one. They decommissioned Blazer and i500SMS without telling anyone a solution to the problem of not having text messaging or picture download capability. Sprint is giving me a total run-around, Samsung, says sorry, they don't support it, and PDAaps.com won't acknowledge there is a problem. Part of the problem is there is no way to remove Blazer and i500SMS from the device. Even after installing the nWeb browser, the i500 still uses Blazer as the default, which doesn't work. And Verichat (from PDAaps) needs a mail client, but since i500SMS won't send any longer, it's worthless.
    They are the ones who messed up everything that previously worked fine... They should be the ones offering us a clear and simple solution!!
    I think everyone wants us to become so frustrated that we will give up and buy their new products. Nice way to run a business!
    It's the same as stealing--- the way I see it!
    And I have spent many, many hours already trying to figure out a work around--- to no avail!
    I hope everyone is expressing their outrage to Sprint--- in particular!
    Captain Jim Green

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