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    Question How do you HotSynck with Palm Desktop??

    OK, I'm at best a novice PDA user, so apologies in advance. I installed the Palm Desktop 4.1 and went through and input all the info I wanted into it, changing "Custom 1" to "B-Day" and all that good stuff. *HOWEVER*, when I syncked up, *none* of the contacts went to the I300. It took me over 2 hours to re-imput the info into Outlook (and of course, fiddle with the program tiring to upload the original info in PD4.1). If I uninstall Outlook will it upload from the PD?? Or is there a setting I've missed somewhere?!?!?!?

    *Any* help is greatly appreciated!!!!

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    If you are wanting to sync with MS Outlook (not Outlook Express, not the same thing ) you must install 3rd party software. The I300 from Sprint comes bundled with software called Pocket Mirror, from Chapura. If you install PM, you will not sync with Palm Desktop until you uninstall PM and reinstall the Palm Desktop again. Make sure you have Outlook, not Outlook Express. You probably know they are not the same program, but way too many people think that they are the same thing. If you have done the above, click on the Hotsync icon in the system tray, choose 'custom' and make sure that the conduits list Outlook conduits if you are syncing with Outlook, or that there is NO reference to Outlook if you are wanting to sync with the Palm desktop.
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