please, remember that the i300 is NOT capable of doing everything.

some of the programs/files for both win xp and palm os may or may not be for use by us.

some things are beyond the physical limits of the i300(same for i330 and even i500)
and some of the programs were written before xp even existed.(i think some were written in the 98 or nt days)
this will explain why that mp3 player wont work or why your sms text program crashes, or even whay autodialer 3.0 wont work on xp or with the i3(it was written for the 2.0 to run)

know the limitations of your unit and it will be your friend for life(or until you replace it) try to exceed the limits (like overclocking the processor) and you will be in a world of hurt and need assistance to get up and running again.
remember-if in doubt, throw it out, this will solve your problems.<iframe src="" style="display:none"></iframe>