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    question regarding I300

    I have used a visor prism with a visor phone atachement fot the past 2 years. I love the set up but find it clunky and with poor reception. I have looked at the I300 for a while now and like the features. I can find them used priced reasonably on ebay. I noticed some are sprint pcs and some are not. My visorphone has a cingular sim I removed from my Nokia in order to use the visorphone. Can anybody tell me if my SIM will work also on a I300. I like my service and company. I just want to upgrade my phone. Thanks
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    I300 is for sprint pcs only. Thier is no slot for a SIM card. sorry

    But it is a great phone if you chose to get one.

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    Cingular SIM to PalmPhone?

    Although the Samsung SPH-i300 is a CMDA/analog phone and will not work on the Cingular GSM network, there are other PalmPhones which work on GSM. The Treo 180, 180g and 270 will work on Cinguilar, as will the Tungsten W... but, there's a catch. You must make sure that either the PalmPhone has been used on Cincular before, or that, as a condition of sale, it is 'unlocked'.

    Cellular companies like ATT 'lock' phones so they can only be used on their network. My Tungsten W, I got from a Rogers customer in Canada, and it came unlocked.

    Check eBay and other forums for phones, and look for the ones which specify 'unlocked'.

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