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    Question DTMF Tones, what, how and why?

    I have only a vague and foggy idea as to what these tones are, no idea how to use them and what would be the advantage once I have that knowledge and power to use them...

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    DTMF means: Dual Tone Multi-Frequency

    It's what the tones are on the dialpad.

    Without getting TOO technical, the "touch tone system" uses pairs of tones to represent the various keys. There is a "low tone" and a "high tone" associated with each button (0 through 9, plus * (star) and # (octothorpe or pound symbol). The low tones vary according to what horizontal row the tone button is in, while the high tones correspond to the vertical column of the tone button.
    we use these "tones" for lots of uses.. its even possible for you to build your own decoder for these tones, but i thinkg that is beyond the scope of this post....

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    I'm guessing your asking what the features of the phone are in relation to DTMF. DTMF is just the geeky name for Touch Tone (which is probably a register trademark of Ma Bell).

    I think the DTMF area lets you set up some sequences of numbers you might dial often, such as: calling cards, charge cards, bank account numbers and other things like that. I'm thinking I don't want those easily accessible in my phone if I lost it but you never know...

    Actually you could add them to your number with a hard pause (a "P") which is what I do for my answering machine; I have my number (313)234-5678p123 and after my house answers, I hit the talk key and it sends the last 3 digits. I can't come up with a reason not to put it in the adddress book unless there is a length limit.


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    Okay, sure, I took Telecom in college. I even know that I use DTMF over my POTS line to the CO for my RBOC .

    The question still stands, though, why do we have an option for this on our phones? I can put numbers in and when I bring up the menu and tap on that number and tap "send" it sends it to the phone. Wow, that's a lot easier than just typing it in on the keypad. Unless these are keypad shortcuts in case you're adjusting the telemetry of the shuttle over your phone using DTMF, what would this be useful for? Certainly not phone extensions... Is it easier to tap "menu", "DTMF Tones", custom entry, "send" then it is to type "123" on your dialpad?

    Can we create custom DTMF tones and, if so, why would this be useful? I've never seen this option on another phone.

    Oops - Gary beat me to it. You've guessed the same thing I've guessed. And my question is the same as yours... "Why?"
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