My trustworthy Samsung I300 continues to serve me after two years enlistment. Even though manufacturers have released newer model, I have not been compelled to replace my I300; the current crop does not have the killer feature set for me to upgrade. Current, I would like to extend the i300’s usability by use it as a fax modem. In other words, connect the cradle & I300 to my laptop and fax with WinFax Pro 10.0 while on the road. I have searched this forum for suggestions, yet the information remains vague to me. The forum threads have been helpful, yet the information remain disperse and limited to newer models. Hopefully, some gurus could help compile this information for the I300 in this thread.

My first concern relates to downloading the proper drivers from Sprint PCS. My Sprint PCS download area list several PCS Connection Managers. I have downloaded the following files.


These files do not list the I300 as an option during the installation. Please let me know if these files service my purpose (if not could someone post the appropriate driver files).

My second inquiry relates to configuring WinFax Pro to utilizing the I300 as a communication device. WinFax Pro cannot communicate with the I300. Again, the threads on this forum remain vague on the subject. Sprint PCS support remain limited about supporting the I300 as a modem device.

My laptop is running Windows XP Professional; with WinFax 10.0; and the I300’s cradle has a serial cable set to Com port 2.

Here are some of the thread links that I found to avoid re-treading ground.

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