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    Post List of most annoying issues...

    I have compiled a list of the most annoying issues I've enountered so far. I'm maintaining it here:


    and I'll list them here for any comments from you all:

    Locking/Unlocking - Is there a faster way to lock/unlock the phone other than "hold the button" for what seems like forever? I'd like a key combination of some kind.

    Too easy to accidentally answer the phone - Contrary to what the minimal documentation implies, the phone will answer if you hit either the voice-memo or phone hard keys on the sides, not just the on screen answer button. Although there is a preference option called "anyKey answer", disabling it does not prevent these keys from answering the phone. Since these hard keys on on either side of the device, this means that it is difficult to take it out of your pocket without accidentally answering the phone... This is *very* annoying.

    Scroll key inconsistency - The up/down keys on the side and front sometimes have the same meaning but sometimes don't. In particular in Palm app view I expect the side buttons to scroll, but they change the ringer volume... Almost everywhere else they scroll. Very annoying... I would prefer not to have two sets of scroll keys on the phone. I'm sure the Palm people made them stick with the standard Palm front layout, but I think this was a mistake.

    Data connection - I loaded the Blazer web browser and it's pretty cool. However I'm a bit confused about the "disconnect" process. Why does it take so long to drop the connection? If my phone times out and shuts off it seems to happen instantly, so why the long delay if I'm actually using the phone? (BTW, Blazer 2.0 works just fine on the phone and has some nice improvements).

    Voice memo button attention - As with my other phone, the "voice memo" button is not useful. It seems to me that you want to use a voice memo when you don't have time or attention to pay to the screen... To that end I'd like to be able to record the memo and end it without having to look at the phone. I can start the memo by holding the (hard key) voice memo button, but there is no way to stop recording using any hard key... I have to look at the screen and hit the soft stop button.

    Sound/Ringer control - I kind of expected that turning the ringer volume off would mute all sound on the device... it doesn't. So if you go into a movie theater you'll have to not only turn the ringer volume all the way down, but also jump through hoops to turn off all of the palm sound... I'm guessing there's Palm hack that would help with the latter.

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    Angry Potter's peve:

    I was out hiking, and brought my i300 just to take voice memos. I could have brought my trusty voice recorder instead, but figured I would not have more than 10 great thoughts. Imagine my shock to find that the voice memo ap doesnt work when there is no cell reception! The phone and the voice memo ought to be independent! This is a serious problem, Samsung, and probably easy to fix with the flip of a bit in the code somewhere.

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    Unless I'm missing it, there is no total talk time counter. I found this feature helpful on previous Sprint PCS phones. Eyeballing my minute usage becomes even more important, now that I have Wireless Web. I'll go so far as to request automatic tracking of "Anytime" vs. Night/Weekend usage, with a simple app that I can plug my Sprint plan into which will warn me when I'm about to go over my monthly allotment.

    Also, I'll second the posters in other threads that thought the LCD was upside-down. Not good for belt-clipped units.

    Otherwise, in the few days I've had the i300, I've enjoyed it.

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