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    Sound quality- Phone usability??

    I am considering getting the i300. I presently own a PalmVIIx and a Samsung nP200 phone. I like the phone and also like what the PalmVII does, except for the screen and size. I would love something that does both. Between the two, I would use the phone 75% of the time and the Palm functions 25% of the time. Does it seem wierd holding a pilot device up to your ear. Is it comfortable? How is the sound quality compared to other cell phones.


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    Sound quality is superb! The only obstacle
    I have been faced with is the volume being
    too high at times. The speaker phone is
    an added bonus (works better than my
    home speaker). I would have to agree
    the many other I300 enthusiasts that
    conclude that the device is a palm with a
    phone application. That is it. Certainly, my
    friend, it is as convenient as I had imagined.
    I am willing to give a little to gain a lot.
    For example, rushing to be on time to meet
    with lients while dialing to let them know
    of your possible delay may not be as
    practical. Either use the stylus and hit
    a few wrong numbers, stop walking and
    use the stylus, or learn to use one handed
    dialing which is far different from other
    phones, yet convenient once your directories
    are personalized.

    It is a great device for those who need both
    in my opinion. If you rarely plan on using
    the palm, however, you may want to wait to
    play with a friend's before purchasing your

    Good Luck

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    I second the sentiment about sound quality. It's better than my ancient StarTac, and it gets better reception, too. (I've gotten signals in places where the old motorola would croak.)

    hope it helps.

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    if you need color then go grab the i300... its great.. period..

    IF you dont care for color and dont want to fork over a lot of cash, then get the kyocera 6035... you can get them for a steal now.. less than 200 bucks...

    since you use the phone more, the 6035 is a better option...,. but if you absolutely want the color and the latest abd greatest, then grab the i300.

    i have both phones and the only reason i got the i300 is that i like gadgets and the latest thing... if the i300 did not have color, i would not have gotten it.. thats the only reason i purchased it...

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    I find the sound quality and reception to be identical to that of my Sprint PCS service on my former Sprint phones. Except for having no tactile feedback, usability is excellent. It's easy to dial numbers by touching the touch screen. The auto dialer works well, by touching a single or double digit.

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