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    Anyone tried the Liberty App?

    Has anyone tried out this application called Liberty? It's a Gameboy emulator.... it says it requires the device to be overclocked.... but since the I300 is the fastest palmos device available... maybe it doesn't?

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    Liberty kinda sucks. There are only 3 games on the comatability matrix, it's a bit choppy and all the games I tried it with it looked monochrome. I think the spex said games under 40k 16grey will play at full speed. Not too much fun yet.

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    Talking PalmBoy

    Dont have Liberty, but I do have PalmBoy


    It's a free emulator... I know that Pokemon and MarbleMadness work great on the I300. In Pokemon you can save your game and everything. I havnt tried many other games.

    Seems that most action-games run too slow. I tried MegaMan, WarioLand, Ninja Gaiden... not very playable
    Also, you probably want to stay away from any GameBoy color games.

    But the emulator works great on the I300, no crashes or anything.

    Seems that the i300 is equal to an overclocked palm.

    Have fun

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