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    Question How to Clear URL & Copy/Paste Memory?

    I've been using the I300 for the past few days, and I've noticed that some Palm OS apps have a persistant memory of text that's been entered. For example, if I enter a URL in the Blazer web browser Open field, that's kept in memory and is auto-completed if I go to enter it again. Same with copying and pasting in the Address Book.

    What I'd like to do is clear this cache. It's a handy feature, but in Netscape and IE you have the option to reset. Does anyone know how to do this? I've tried a soft reset on the back of the device, and I've looked for an option to clear this, but I'm not sure if its part of the Blazer web browser, the Palm OS, or what. Any insight? Thanks!

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    for the blazer cache clear..

    tap the blazer icon,

    pull down menu>options>browseWeb preference>Advanced tab. you will see the cache size in kilobytes and you can enter a number or press "clear" next to it...

    "cookies" section is here also..

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    I am also looking to clear blazer's cache, as i updated a webpage on the net, but when i go to it via blazer, its showing the old version- i cant figure out how to reload it.

    thing is, i dont seea "blazer icon" i just see "browse the web" on my home screen

    how do i get into blazer prefs?

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    on the bottom left of the blazer application tap the icon that brings you to your bookmarks section. then tap at the top where it says bookmarks. this brings up your menue. go to options, and tap browser web preferences. under the advanced tab is the option to clear the cashe.

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