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    Thumbs up Good deal at Best Buy....

    I saw on another forum that Best buy is selling the SPH-I300 for $399, then giving you a $100 gift card for use at a later time.....

    best deal I've seen with no contracts involved....

    ahh... the price you pay for being first..... $499 + tax from CompUSA.... no regrets here though.....

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    I300 for $250 first week out

    I got one of the first I300s available in the NE NYC suburbs for the equivalent of $250. The phone was $499, but CompUSA gave you a $100 dollar gift certificate and Sprint gave a $100 credit for signing up.

    The other $50 took a little work. I pointed out to the Sprint customer service rep that if you started at the SamsungUSA homepage and clicked through to the I300 homepage and then the Sprint subscription page, you got a page that said if you bought two Samsung phones you got a $100 rebate and $50 for one phone on selected phones (its now $100 for 2 and $30 for 1). The I300 was excluded if you clicked on the legal details, but I argued that if Sprint hadn't intended to give the rebate on the I300, why did that page appear between the Samsung I300 page and the Sprint sign-up page. The Sprint rep agreed and credited me the $50 rebate.

    As a result, my first monthly bill from Sprint was an $87 credit.

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